In this series, I will (try to) write about books I have recently read and some favorites that I have recently revisited. I have always had a love for words, but in the past years, I have struggled to write again.

This series is a way for me to rekindle an old love, in an attempt to move forward by looking back.

This series is dedicated to my dearest Safe Sky friends, especially to Angeli, for the books she lent (which are taking a much longer time to return), and for encouraging me to embrace words again. Thank you, loves, for reminding me of the parts of who I am that I have forgotten.

2AM Thoughts | October 30, 2020

Last night was extra tough. My almost 2-year old son was throwing his worst tantrums to date, it was almost midnight, our clothes needed folding, and I had deadlines to catch.

He was inconsolable and I did not know what to do anymore. He…

Raising Mama

A millennial mom’s parenting chronicles

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